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Pursuing Low Testosterone And Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits

At Weinstein Couture PLLC, our attorneys are passionate about helping victims harmed by defective or dangerous drugs. We are here to help if you have been injured by low testosterone and testosterone therapy treatments. Located in Seattle, our firm represents clients in Washington and throughout the West Coast.

Your Rights After An Injury

Many men with low testosterone levels have been prescribed testosterone therapy and treatments, which includes the use of AndroGel. Some of these treatments have been linked to serious complications that include heart attack and death.

Manufacturers are required to inform patients and consumers about the potential risks and side effects of a medical drug or treatment. Many pharmaceutical companies failed to notify individuals about the risks and side effects. Those companies are now facing Low T lawsuits for their negligence.

Your life may have been harmed by these treatments. You have rights and may be able to file a Low T lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the treatment.

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Do not wait to contact us if you were injured after taking a testosterone therapy treatment. Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge to protect you. We will evaluate your situation and help you explore your legal rights to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

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